Sunday, November 25, 2007

WCB: Let the Holiday Madness Begin!!

Who spends almost $300.00 at the grocery store I ask you??!!

Yup, today after what can only be described as a fun filled seven hours yesterday waiting for my flight to arrive back home from Thanksgiving at my folks in Northern Michigan, I had to go to the grocery store to buy household necessities like milk, yogurt, fruit and bacon as well as cat food for the master of the house.

Of course that $300.00 bill wasn't only cat food despite what LB would have wished but also all the things I needed for my holiday baking: 4 dozen eggs, 8 four stick boxes of unsalted butter, golden raisins, currants, nuts, chocolate chips of all varieties, 15lbs flour and 10lbs sugar. Not only did I get all the holiday baking ingredients but also all the containers that my holiday care packages need to be shipped in to arrive whole. And then there were those "deck the hall" things like a wreath for the door, a little holly to deck the halls with, and the cutest little snow man thingy to put on the table and a new Santa cat toy for LB. OH, and then there were these just had to have bowls.

All that shopping meant there were lots of bags that needed to come in the house. I'm not sure why but the baggers at the grocery never seem to know what to do with your stuff when you bring your own bags. I always have to ask them to make sure they fill the cloth bags all the way and in fact "over stuff" them. How come this is such a strange concept because these are the same people who seem perfectly capable of over filling the flimsy plastic bag so it will break on the way to the car but when confronted with a heavy duty cloth bag seem to think that only a box of tin foil, two boxes of unflavoured gelatin, and one package of bacon will break the bag.

Anyways, all that bag carrying sure made LB tired because half way between following me between the front door and the kitchen, he decided to lie down in the main pathway in what can only be described as the most uncomfortable position like he was in the middle of a game of Twister with his front paws on "red" and his back paws on "blue".

Ah the exhausting job of waiting for mom to get the new Santa toy out of the bag....