Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging: Last of the Holiday Cheer

We're hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this snowy weekend! Meaning Mom has turned the computer over to me for the weekend and I'm going to take a break from playing with my new Santa and a shiny red ribbon

LB with his New Santa

to tell you what has been going on around the house the past few weeks.

Mom's out in the kitchen making bread and muttering something under her breath I can't repeat. She bought a cookbook completely written in French on making bread and pastries when she was in Paris several years ago.

French Bread Baking Book

She has been saving this cookbook until she could read French well enough to bake from it. Apparently turning the French subtitles on every Netflix rental and reading Le Monde online every morning has paid off because while researching an upcoming recipe for those sassy women Mom bakes bread with online every month Mom realized she was reading French! Now if only she spoke it as well as she reads it.

Anyways, Mom is in the kitchen and furiously pounding on some dough and muttering those words again.

Mom is also using some new kitchen toys this weekend while she makes her bread. Grandma and Grandpa in Michigan had lots of kitchen goodies in her stocking this year.

Mom got three of the best spatulas she has ever used.

The Best Spatula's Ever

They are from a company called Mrs. Anderson's Baking and are a solid, silicon one piece spatula and are really good at bending to the shape of what ever mom is scraping but are rigid enough to turn pretty thick batter out into a pan.

Next, Mom found a new set of measuring spoons in her stocking. She has a mish-mash of various measuring spoons but this is the first full set she has ever had and this set even contains three special spoons: dash, pinch, and smidge!

Smidge, Pinch and Dash Measuring Spoons

Finally, Mom got a new kitchen scale. Mom has been using the same scale for over fifteen years but it was an analog scale and the spring gave out her right before Christmas. Since Mom bakes so much bread, a good scale is really important.

My New Kitchen Scale

Mom also got a pretty nifty key chain from her best friend at home in Michigan.

My Whisk Key Chain

Mom says that if the froth on top of her cappuccino starts looking limp she can just whisk it right back into shape

The funny thing about all these gifts is Aunt Sara got some of the exact same goodies!

Mom told me that Aunt Sara and her were separated at birth. I'm thinking that probably is a good thing because Mom says Aunt Sara can mutter the same words under her breath too and I don't know if I would want to be in the kitchen under foot with both of them muttering and pounding on dough....

While Mom was home in Michigan she got to spend time with my Cousin Traverse. Traverse is just like me in he likes to lay right on top of the things Mom is trying use like when she was trying to finish her Christmas cards and he decided to come hold down the address book.

Mom's Cat Traverse Sits on My Christmas Cards

Traverse likes to play with ribbon too. Mom said that he would crawl under Grandma's Christmas tree and start licking the ribbons on all the packages. I'm not sure what that is all about because even I know that ribbons are for attacking and not licking.

Traverse Attacks Bows on Mom's Stairs

But then my cousin has always been an indoor only cat while I spent several years before coming to live with Mom outside on my own as a mean tom-cat.

Well, Mom has quit pounding on the dough now and just sat down next to me on the bed. Actually she just crawled under the comforter and told me that she can snuggle in bed with me for about three hours while the bread dough rises.

LB on the Bed Next to Me

She has a pile of cookbooks with her so I'm sure that means she has other baking planned for the weekend.

I'm fine with sharing my bed with her because I get to lie cuddled up against her side while she strokes my tail and reads.

LB Curled up on Snowy Day

After all, that is what cold snowy days are for snuggling with the one you love!

I just wonder if Mom brought back any cat treats with her.....

If you want to join us for Weekend Cat Blogging, I'll be writing a round up tomorrow evening so everyone can see what all the other kitties around the world are doing this weekend. Just leave your link in Mom's comments.