Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging: LB as a Randomizer

Mom's letting me have the computer a day early because tomorrow is going to be a computer free day in our house. Mom said she is losing hours on the computer on Saturdays and she wants to make one Saturday a month computer free. So, starting tomorrow, we are going to be computer free on the last Saturday of the month.

Since she is going out with friends in a little bit she woke me up early from my mid-afternoon nap in the sun

LB Napping with His Paws Over his Face

to chase some paper balls with names written on them.

She said that it was so a lucky reader of The Sour Dough could join her and some of her food friends cooking out of a book. I'm not sure about the book part but chasing after a paper ball was lots of fun.

LB Getting Ready to Select a Raffle Winner

I pounced on one and Mom grabbed it from me so she could write a nice letter to one of her readers.

LB Selecting A Raffle Winner

Me, I just batted the rest of the balls under the couch where Mom will have to get the broom out to find them. Personally, it serves Mom right if you ask me. She's going out and you know what that means.

I just hope she doesn't spend all of computer free Saturday in bed...

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