Saturday, January 16, 2010

Drive-By Weekend Cat Blogging

Happy New Year to all my fans and fellow kitties!

This is my first time this year that Mom has let me have the computer and I know it will come as no surprise to you but she is no where to be found this morning to help me with this post for our first hosting of Weekend Cat Blogging for 2010.

You will also be further non-amazed that she is out on the golf course this morning.

10th Tee at Royal Oak Country Club Titusville
(10th Tee Box a Royal Oak Golf Resort in Titusville, FL)

Yes, you read that right. Mom is out golfing. In the winter. In the cold. She has completely lost it I tell you.

You see Mom, despite her best efforts to not travel in January has been informed she is leaving on Wednesday to go spend a few days in Las Vegas on that project and she is planning on taking her clubs with her and since it has been several weeks since she has been on the course, she decided she better get back out there before going and playing with some business people. Besides, she wanted to show off her brand new pink golf bag

My pretty new pink golf bag

that my Grandma, her MIL, gave her for Christmas.

Grandma also sent back from Tennessee a box of kittie treats, a funny ball that I've already batted under the china cabinet to lose sight of God and man, and a can of tuna for me. I got one more Christmas present from Grandma that Mom didn't know about.

Her pink and purple warm socks!

LB on MR Socks

You see she took them off and set them next to her one night two weeks ago and they were so soft and warm, I decided she didn't really need them anymore and I've taken for myself.

Right before Mom left for Christmas in Florida and Tennessee, she decided to join the 21st Century with her cellphone. She had a seven year old Nokia phone that she was loathe to give up but it finally stopped working right and she was forced to give it up and bought herself this

New Iphone!

Yup, that would be an I-phone

golfball dipple iphone skin

with it's golf ball skin.

She downloaded a bunch of cool audio, golf and cooking apps and has fun playing with them and getting to know her phone. She even found out that the phone takes really good food pictures


and pictures of dough.

steissel dough

Now if she would just quit taking pictures of me all the time with it!

LB Not Amused

I'd be happy.

If you want to tell me what you or your humans have been up to this week for Weekend Cat Blogging, leave a comment. If you want to find out what all the kitties and humans have been up to, check back on Sunday evening to see the comments.

Now, I have to go sleep in the sun

before Mom comes home and makes me pose for more pictures...