Saturday, May 15, 2010

WCB: Mom No Longer Lives Here

Seems like the only time there are every any words or action here is when I take charge.

LB on my clothes

Mom has all but abandoned this blog. It isn't because Mom doesn't like cooking or baking anymore. Or that Mom doesn't think about her friends in both the food and cat blogging world. It is just that Mom is so busy these days.

You see, Mom's job has her traveling all over. She says it is because the economy is getting better and that is good because it means that there will be more money to buy me all the kitty treats I like but that I had to give up when we economized. Plus all these projects she had last year that go put on hold have all have started up again at the same time and her clients think that just because they put the project on hold Mom kept working on them so she should be able to deliver their sound system designs on the same time schedule as the original schedule. She laughs when they say that.

Anyways, last week Mom was traveling to Charlotte, NC because the NASCAR Hall of Fame opened and she did the audio and video systems for the museum.

Video Cube Wall at Nascar Hall of Fame

It was a really cool project and Mom even got a chance to drive a race car simulator. She didn't do so good though except for crashing the car really spectacularly. When she stepped out of the simulator she said people started clapping because they show the crashes on a big video screen outside and her crashes were so good. That's my Mom!!

When Mom got home on Thursday, I was so happy to see her that when she sat down on the couch to find a recipe to make some pizza dough, I had to sit on her cookbooks.

LB on Cookbooks

But Mom found a great pizza dough recipe she had never tried before anyways and made this really great looking pizza.

Three Cheese Pizza for WCB

I didn't try any of it because she doesn't like anchovies and didn't put any turkey pepperoni on it for me.

We're hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend and we would love to see what the other kitties are doing. So, leave us a comment with your link and check back at the end of the weekend to read the comments!

Now if you will excuse me, I have some window sitting to do and Mom has a golf game (of course!).