Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Waiting for the Baguette Pan

So, we've dug out for our 32" of snow here in Cambridge, MA (Our Faire City). I've posted a picture of the monster drift between our house and the neighbors. Thank God for the modern technology of a snow blower or we might still be out there shoveling. I went back to work today to find things not as backed up as I suspected they might be or worse could have been.

MBH has created a monster in me. I'm addicted to blogs. I've spent a large amount of time today and yesterday surfing for blogs to read. There are quite a few interesting blogs out there to be read. I've been reading one called This Fish Needs a Bicycle. Here I was, at work, wasting the last hour because I couldn't get motivated to design one more sound system for a friggin' restaurant so I decided to start surfing around through blogs linked to blogs. I started with on of my favourites: Cooking with Mental Office Girl, another 30 something foodie stuck in a cube farm wanting to run away screaming. Moved to What I Cooked Last Night, and somehow found myself staring at the bowl The Fish calls home. Check her out. She is up for "blog of the year" and even though I'm not sure I relate to the mid 20's lifestyle anymore, reading about her life as a serial dater reminded me of those fun, stressful, wacky years. She is currently waiting on and tracking daily the progress of her Ipod delivery and having issues with the wait. I can relate.

I have the Amazon.com Track Your recent order tabbed up in my Mozilla browser tracking the progress of my Chicago Metallic Baguette Pan. According to UPS, it is on the truck and out for delivery. Oh really?? It is 9:30pm and still no baguette pan. This is the second time I have been waiting for this order. The first time, Amazon cancelled the order after 4 weeks because they could not guarantee when and if they would ever get them in again. Now, after receiving a $25.00 gift certificate from work for a 'job well done', I am waiting again. Don't these people know that pan is the answer to my baguette problem? Doesn't UPS understand that my sourdough starter is all ready and rearing to go? Don't the people at Amazon understand, I have been working on mastering the baguette for 6 months and Julia Child showed me the secret the other night on PBS? Sigh....I thought waiting was suppose to get easier with age.

Update: The baguette pan arrived on 1/26/2005. The UPS guy waded up our barely passable street at 6:30pm, rang the door bell (some miracles never cease), and deposited the box on our doorstep. MBH will be dining on fresh baguettes this weekend. I'll let you know how the pan works out.