Saturday, May 14, 2005

Catching Up

I've been traveling a lot for work lately. Ok, that is a mild understatement. It seems all I do is get on an airplane, get off an airplane, pick up my rental car, drive to my clients, sit in a meeting or two, drop my rental car off, get on an airplane, get off an airplane and then crash in my hotel room d'jour. I haven't had a chance to read more than business related emails and even worse I haven't been able to read my favourite blogs. So, today has been a day of catching up and it seems that my fellow bloggers have been exceptionally sharp, smarty, witty and wise of late.

Take the recent entry by maikopunk about her secret passion for teenage lit. Her posting about the books we all read (come on, admit it...) was a trip back down memory lane and conjured up images of hiding under the sheets late at night with my flashlight reading when I suppose to be sleeping. I could instantly see my bedroom at my parent's house, the milk crate bookshelves with all my books. I would wait until my parents had gone back downstairs, creep out of bed, select a book to read, grab my flashlight, and crawl back into bed and lose myself for hours in a book. In those books I could be the belle of the ball and not the nerdy ugly duckling that I was.

Then there is the Food Whore. I love her posts. She is the public sarcastic bitch, and I mean that in only the nicest ways, I wish I could be. I have this fantasy of someday chucking my career and opening a nice little bakery somewhere. I read her as my comic relief of the day. Her lastest post about a client returning dirty dishes just proves a suspicion of mine. The more "refined" some people think they are the more like Jed and Grandma Clampet they truly are.

Finally, there is the always thought provoking Imogene over at Cooking with the Mental Office Girl. I stand in awe of her. She somehow finds the most interesting articles to blog about. I'm not talking about surface thinking either. I'm talking about mind boggling, OH! I hadn't thought about this in that way, type of articles. For example her posting on those leeches we all work with. You know the ones I'm talking about. They can't think for themselves and are always coming to one or two people in the office to ask "How to" or "Should I" when what they really are saying is "I don't want to take the effort to learn something new or figure something out on my own. Can you do it for me?".

Good writing one and all!!!