Sunday, July 24, 2005

Blogging for Freedom

Yup, two posts in one week! Yippee! Actually, this is just a unabashed plug for a blogging event sponsored by an organization near and dear to my heart, The Electronic Freedom Foundation.

If you aren't familiar with the EFF, they are a non-profit group who work to protect digital and broadcast freedoms in the United States. Considering the times we live in when most people are willing to suffer the erosion of their civil rights in exchange for the illusion of safety and security, organisations like The EFF deserve our support. They have an extensive section devoted to blogs, bloggers, and our rights. They were at the forefront of fighting for bloggers to be admitted to the political conventions last year as legitimate journalists and have been provided legal support to bloggers First Amendment rights in the United States.

Right now, the EFF is promoting their Blogging for Freedom event. They are asking for us bloggers to set aside for a short time our normal prose and discussions and to instead blog about why we believe in our rights to write what we want, to openly discuss our political, religious, lifestyle points of view with out fear of retaliation, and why/when we each became aware of the need to fight for these freedoms.

I am participating in the Blogging for Freedom event by asking several friends and fellow bloggers to write "guest posts". Some of the people I have asked to be a guest poster, I do not agree with their point of view. In fact, I purposely asked two of the people who's posts I will publish to write a guest post because I vehemently disagree with their stances on certain issues. But, I so passionately believe in their right to support their respective positions, that I will practice what I preach.

Because the one thing I know to be true and would die fighting to protect is my belief that we, humans one and all, have the right to say and think whatever we believe. To read, watch, listen to whatever we desire without fear of retaliation. No matter where we live, what religion we practice or don't practice, whether we are man or woman, no matter our color or creed.

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