Friday, September 30, 2005

Is it 5 O'clock yet?

Bored at work and browsing other peoples blogs. For example, found this gem of a blog with a game to play for the long last hour of a Friday afternoon. Here are the rules: put your I-Pod on shuffle and list the 10 songs that come up; no cheating by putting something on the list you WISH had come up or makes you look uber-kool.

Here was my list (links to where you can listen along):

1. Trippin Billies - Dave Matthews Band
2. My Medea - Vienna Tang
3. I Will Not Forget You - Sarah Mclachlan
4. Punta Arenas - Paucar and Hansen
5. You Make Loving Fun - Fleetwood Mac
6. Word List #2 - Audio Test Tracks for Acoustical Engineers (A work track)
7. You Send Me - Rachelle Ferrell
8. Linus and Lucy - George Winston
9. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears
10. Too Much Time on My Hands - Styx

Boy! That was embarrassing. That last song is what they call ironic I do believe.

Can I do best of two out of three?