Friday, February 03, 2006

Calling Click and Clack

It has been a trying week. On Monday, while driving a client to our office in Western Massachusetts, MBH's car decided to have transmission trouble on the Mass Turnpike. The car wouldn't shift out of first gear. So, for 10 long minutes I drove on the shoulder with the emergency flashers on until I came to an exit that would take me off the turnpike (Sidebar: The Mass Turnpike Authority is the only assistance allowed on the Mass Turnpike. The last time I had a break down on the turnpike it took 5 hours for someone to actually assist me). Finding myself less than 3 miles from our repairshop, I nursed the car to the garage. The mechanics at the garage are getting used to seeing me coast MBH's car into the drive on a wing and a prayer. In July, in a span of 3 weeks MBH's car had a brake job, had a new radiator and all the associated hoses, and we replaced the alternator. In August, it was an oil pan gasket and a headlight. Now, this. I love MBH's car. It is one of those lovely diesel Mercedes from the 80s/90s. It gets over 400 miles to a tank of gas and is very fuel efficent not to mention I'm kind of fond of the leather seats and the sun roof. Normally it hasn't caused us a bit of trouble but the past six months it has eaten us out of house and home because as you can imagine, repairs are not inexpensive.

It isn't that we don't have a second car, but rather we don't have a second car that is road worthy for my long commute. My car is ok for driving to the vet and the occassional grocery store run, but is in great need for some TLC as well to the tune of new exhaust system. Not ideal for winter driving as driving with the windows down to combat carbon monoxide poisoning is a bit, well, cold. This was the main reason I found myself driving a sporty red 2005 Chevy Cobalt fully loaded including seat warmers and stereo controls on the steering wheel. I also found myself falling in love with a subcompact car. I've never really thought of myself as a subcompact kind of gal. I'm not an SUV type of gal mind you but I do like having a bit of room in my cars and my past experience with subcompact cars has been less than pleasant. I mean, I actually like to be able to push the driver's seat back far enough for my knees not to be under my chin. Boy, they have changed the leg room in subcompacts the past few years. The Cobalt had quite a bit of room, made good gas milage, had enough space in the trunk should I decide to haul a dead body or two there would be no trouble, and did I mention it had seat warmers??!!

I think I just test drove my next car. I wonder what the guys on Car Talk have to say about the Cobalt.

Friday Random 10

Well, thank goodness it is Friday and time to play the Random 10 game. Take out your Ipod and put it on shuffle. Record the first ten songs that pop up. No cheating to make yourself look cool. Links for you listen along.

1. Beautiful - Mandalay
2. Angel Treads - Keaggy, King, Dente
3. A Different Kind of Freedom - Acoustic Alchemy
4. Mermaid - Sade
5. Constant Craving - K.D.Lang
6. Crystal Ball - Styx
7. Hymme L' Amour - Edith Piaf
8. Tricycle - Flim and the BB's
9. LaValse Des Monstres - Soundtrack from Amelie
10. Somehow Our Love Survives - Michael Franks

Oh, yea. No fear being cool here.

2/4 Update on car situation: MBH's car isn't fixed. The mechanics couldn't find a problem but it still won't shift out of first gear. Means new transmission (OUCH!). It will be parked for the forseeable future. My car is at the shop to be repaired as it was cheaper to fix. Let's hope the rental place has the Cobalt available today when we go to pick up a car for another week.