Saturday, May 20, 2006

WCB #1: Working for the Weekend

Several months ago while surfing food blogs I stumbled upon, a blog written by a couple in Sydney, Australia (Casey and Clare) and their cat (Kiri). Casey, Clare and quite often Kiri drive around the area they live in Australia doing as their title says "eating stuff and writing about it". On the weekends, they host Weekend Cat Blogging for people who have both food blogs and cats. The idea behind Weekend Cat Blogging is to take a break from blogging about food to blog about your cat and sometimes your cat and food. So, since today LB provided the perfect opportunity to snap yet another silly picture of him lying on the very thing(s) I was getting ready to use, I give you my first Weekend Cat Blogging post.

LB, like most cats I know, has this innate need to lie on anything their human companions are about to read, need, use, or move. LB especially likes to lie on anything MBH and I put on the bed and the more uncomfortable the item the better. LB has been known to lie on the corners of books, the pointy side of high heel shoes and if he can arrange it so that the sharp side is jabbing into his belly, even better. Anything to be just 2 mm higher than he was by lying on the comforter. For example, the white fabric in the picture is the cover of the "kat-kooker", a heating pad that MBH turns on low for LB during the cold New England winter. During the warmer months, we remove the cover because LB likes to sleep on it even if the heating pad isn't present. The items that LB is lying on in this picture are a manila folder containing job notes for a project that went to hell yesterday causing me to be "on call" this weekend, my Mont Blanc pen and my mobile phone that was on twenty-four hours yesterday and today because of the aforementioned project that has gone to hell.

I guess maybe LB thinks I should just go out into the sunshine, play in my garden and start some bread.