Saturday, July 08, 2006

WCB#57: King of all he surveys

The heat and humidity finally broke on Friday allowing us to open the windows and let some fresh, non artificially cooled air into the house. Of course, as soon as we open the window next to MBH's computer, LB immediately jumps into the sill. This is his favourite place to sit during the spring, summer and fall. The window faces the street but is high up from the sidewalk. MBH calls this LB's "death looks from above" pose because LB can sit in the window and look down upon the squirrels who like to bury nuts in our front yard during the fall and the birds who search for seeds and worms. When someone walks by he is known to announce his presence with a loud meow; leaving the passer-by startled when they look up and see our big gray monster in the window. Mostly though, he just likes to sit and watch the world go by secure that he is the king of all he surveys.