Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh Goodie! A Giveaway!!

Our household is a reading household and with the exception of MBH's nightly thirty minute fix of Seinfeld, my Saturday afternoon snack of America's Test Kitchen, and our Friday nights with the McLaughlin Group, the TV basically gathers dust and cat hair. Between MBH's computer/technical books and all my cookbooks I would bet we have a ton books (literally). We won't even mention the number of magazine subscriptions we have between us. Let's just say that on any given afternoon, our mailman brings a bit of monthly joy to our house.

MBH devours his magazines within a few days, gleaming new little tricks and new snippets of code for many projects. I, on the other hand, hoard mine; waiting for my business trips to lose myself in a few hours of Saveur, Cook's Illustrated, Cooking Light, Gourmet, and Bon Appetit.

Of course, with so many subscriptions, come lots and lots of special "renew now" offers. Most of these we just toss into the recycle bin but right before I left for this week's travel to St. Louis and Kansas City, I received an offer I just had to keep. Cooking Light is offering me a "2 for 1" renewal, a one year renewal for me AND a free gift subscription for me to share with someone. Who better to share this gift with than one of my readers!

I'm looking for questions for the next installment of "Ask Breadchick" so send me your questions before Sunday, October 29 at my email address. I'll answer your questions and announce the recipient, chosen randomly by MBH from the submissions, of a gift subscription to Cooking Light magazine on Monday, October 30.