Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sacked Cupcakes

MBH and I have a long running private joke that is simply the first three lines from John Wray's sailing adventure "South Sea Vagabonds":

"You got the sack?"
"Eh, yes, I got the sack"
"Oh, you got the sack."

We pull this "joke" out at what seems to us an appropriate time and it always results in the two of us smirking or out right laughing; much to the confusion of anyone around us (It is an obscure book and since most people have not read it, they have no idea what we find funny about those three sentences). Monday, MBH called me around lunch time to tell me he was laid off from his job as a programmer for secure messaging company. The company ran out of money and as a result the entire company was "sacked". On treat day too! I had sent in to work with MBH that very morning two dozen chocolate and vanilla cupcakes frosted in the flavour appropriate butter cream frosting you see above.

In Wray's book, he got the sack for lack of care and day dreaming. He went home and with his last 4 pound sterling and 40p, built a sailboat in his parent's front yard; fulfilling a dream of his to spend the rest of his life sailing from island to island around New Zealand and Australia. He eventually sailed all over the South Seas on his boat, the Ngataki and wrote his absolutely wonderful tale in the 1950's. MBH isn't planning anything so drastic as building a sailboat in our front yard or running off to the South Seas . He has already called a few head hunters he has worked with in the past and had two interviews yesterday. He will have another position in a matter of weeks; especially since cryptography/computer security and "dead" computer languages are his specialty. In the meantime, his current state of unemployment means more time for reading and writing on his part. And of course, messing with our cat, LB; who I'm sure will be quite happy to have company during the day.

I hope the VP of Customer Support enjoyed the cupcakes I sent in with MBH. They will have to tide him over for a very long time...