Friday, February 02, 2007

Random Food Musings from a Commute

WHEW! We made it to Friday!!!

It has been a long week for both MBH and I. My new boss was in town from our corporate headquarters the first part of the week meaning long days at the office and little cooking went on at our house. MBH had a flurry of interviews and I am very excited to report that starting Monday he will be gainfully employed again!!! I'll be fixing one of his favourite meals tonight to celebrate.

I'm not sure if it was the busy week we both had or the cold weather but my creative food juices seem to have gone on Holiday (If they are smart, they went to Nevis or St. Lucia to laze around on the beaches in quiet solitude). I wandered around the kitchen on autopilot most of the week with the exception of Wednesday night when I made an interesting dish I'll be posting about over the weekend. Otherwise it was some old standbys and one night of take out.

I stumbled upon and was directed to a few interesting food sites this past week but by far my favourite was Airline; a review site of the food offered on the airlines of the world. The site encourages travelers to take food pictures of the meals they are served and rate them. There was even a section for the crews to rate the meal the 'company' provides. No surprise that US airlines ranked very low in the reviews, since unless you are in First Class (and even then not always) in the US Airlines don't offer much in the way of food any longer. If you have ever wondered what they serve for meals on Aero Mongolia, you can find it here. I loved looking at what other parts of the world serve as breakfast on airplanes.

A few of my favourite food bloggers all got together this past weekend and embarked on the Mount Everest of pastry making: flaky croissants. You've heard of movable feasts and dessert runs right? Well, these fine ladies, lead by Lis of La Mia Cucina, have a little cooking bee every month. If you haven't read these posts, I completely encourage you to visit over at their sites and read about their adventure with puff pastry. Make sure your mouth isn't full of coffee, tea or anything else though whilst reading their "round-up". Speaking of which....does anyone know how to get tea gunk off your monitor??

I think it is time to pull out the sweet starter from the fridge and bake with it either Sunday or Monday. I'll do that tonight when I get home and before I embark on MBH's celebratory dinner. I haven't baked with it in about five months so it will need two days to get going again. I've also been toying with the thought of making a "Herman" but every time I get close, I think I need another starter in my fridge like I need another hole in my head. Any thoughts on what I should bake with my sweet starter?

I can't wait until tomorrow. Not only is it Saturday but I've been craving dim sum. I see Boston's Chinatown in my future...