Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cookbook Spotlight #3: Ships of the Great Lakes Cookbook - Steaming into a Port Near You

Sara of I Like to Cook and hostess of Weekend Cookbook Challenge hosts another event called Cookbook Spotlight. A publisher donates a few new cookbooks for Sara (and sometimes a co-hostess) to send out to some fellow food bloggers to cook several recipes from and then post a review. So far this group of bloggers has reviewed Mitchell Davis "Kitchen Sense" and Dorie Greenspan's "Baking: From My Home to Yours".

The next spotlight is on the horizon, off the starboard side, in the form of the cookbook I used for Weekend Cookbook Challenge #13: Cook from Your Newest Cookbook, The Ships of the Great Lakes Cookbook by Paula McKenna. I was thrilled when Sara agreed to use this book for her next spotlight and to let me co-host!

We've asked 10 fellow food bloggers to post by March 26th about cooking from this interesting cookbook and how the food fit for captains, first-mates and deckhands turned out for their home-port crews.

Keep a sharp look out from the crow's nest for the round-up of Cookbook Spotlight #3 : Ships of the Great Lakes Cookbook. We should be docking the first week April here and over at Weekend Cookbook Challenge; just in time for the ice in the shipping lanes to clear on Lake Kitchi-gummi and freighters to start moving iron ore from Duluth to Cleveland with the galleys of the "Lake Boats" humming with activity and the smell of good, hearty cooking.