Friday, May 04, 2007

Taking a Little Blogging Break

I think need a break. Not a long one mind you but a little mini one of a couple days. The weekly commute between Fairfield, CT on Sunday evening and back to Boston on Friday afternoon for my new job has put a bit of stress on my weekends and hasn't left me with much time with MBH; who has been gallantly holding down the fort in Cambridge. I haven't had a weekend to just putter around the yard (spring is going to be gone very soon and my tulips, pansies, and daffodils are blooming!), visit Haymarket, or play in my kitchen to bake non challenge/event related recipes (believe me, chocolate crepes are NOT on my list this weekend but Tanna's buckwheat ones may be).

Never fear, I'll be back in the middle of the week with this month's Weekend Cookbook Challenge (there's still time to get your entry in to the lovely Sara of I Like to Cook, hostess and fellow Daring Baker), some fascinating new microwave recipes (you won't believe what came in the mail today!), some yummy light recipes, and the latest installment of "Ask Breadchick" (I'm still accepting questions).

Until then, I have some required reading for you! Over on the sidebar you will see eighteen new links under the Daring Bakers logo. Yes, EIGHTEEN new Daring Bakers will be joining us this month for our little Baking Bee. There will be a quiz...