Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What a Difference One Week Makes!

I'm home! After almost two full weeks on the job site in Idaho, I flew home yesterday arriving at JFK at 11:30pm, a few minutes early owing to tailwinds chasing us across the country. After finding my driver for the car service I use and fighting through JFK traffic (who knew that 11:30pm was so busy?!), I walked through my front door at 12:50am this morning to find one very happy to see me LB and one very unhappy central air conditioner. It was almost 85 degrees in the house!!

Anyways, I'm home this morning/early afternoon waiting for the heating/cooling guy to show up to tell me what I already know, the compressor unit is bad and catching up on all the blogs I haven't been able to read the past nine days.

So, do you remember this?

Sun Valley Pavilion Clusters in the Air

Well on Sunday evening, the job site looked like this!

Sun Valley Pavilion All Complete

Amazing huh? If you had asked me last week when I posted about how I wasn't sure the system would all come together in time for the Sunday evening debut of the Sun Valley Pavilion, I would have said it was a good thing we had a Plan C. But everything went off without a hitch and the sound system got rave reveiws.

Now, that I'm home, I can settle back into a normal routine for a bit before heading off to another project site to check on progress, including going to the store to get some dairy products and starting back in on emptying out the pantry. Pantry Plan update coming tomorrow!

A few folks awarded me some blog awards while I was gone and I need to tell you about those and guess who finally won something on a blog give away. Quite a bit to catch up on with you and promise that will be up next.

I have baking to do too from some suggested recipes that I couldn't manage before I left because of my back, but I think that will need to wait until the air conditioner is fixed; hopefully by this weekend.

It is good to be home!