Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Spirit Abounds on Four Paws and Two Feet

Can you believe the weekend is over?!

LB's Sweet Face

I can't.

Mom has been going non-stop since she got up yesterday. She went to a fabulous performance of The Messiah last night with some friends and didn't get home until almost 1AM this morning. Then she was up and out the door by 7:30 to her coffee shop to read the Sunday NYT, go to the grocery store to pick up a few items to make the last of her Christmas cookies and the fudge. She came home to pack for her quick trip to Florida for work that she leaves on tomorrow morning, clean the house so the Cat Sitter doesn't think we live in a trash heap and now is writing out Christmas cards.

She told me to go ahead and post the Weekend Cat Blogging round-up and to make a very important announcement at the end.

We had eight kitties stop by and tell us about their weekends and quite a few of you are as excited as I am about the upcoming Christmas holiday.

First, Finding Sirius stopped by to share a picture of Finn and remind us all that no matter how brief a feline friend's stay may be, we leave little tiny paw prints on the hearts of our human companions.


Then Patchouli at Sidewalk Shoes did what I love to do; help Mom plan the upcoming week's menu by showing her the best recipe to make by laying right on top of the page in the cookbook.

pachulli_Sidewalk shoes

Tristan has a new nickname that I'm not repeating and that I agree from personal experience is completely unearned. Don't worry Tristan, my Mom says I have a biological weapon for a digestive system when I eat beef!


Diamond Emerald Eyes came by with two links and invites all kitties to ask Sandy Paws to send some good treats for both us and our humans.


Le Chat at Cuisine Guylaine has found a good place to hang out and watch the comings and goings of the kitchen.


Frequent visitor both when we host WCB and for all things baking, Marushka is all peaceful and calm as she waits for the hub-bub of the Holiday season to begin in full swing.

Maruschka_Rosa Yum

Speaking of holidays, Grr is channeling Madonna this year in hopes for all things material.


Finally, our good friends Tigger and Samantha are reminding us there are only 10 more days to go before Christmas!

Sam_Tigger Christmas Countdown

I better get shopping for Mom because I don't have one gift for her yet! But I know exactly WHERE I'm getting her gift.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go browse the items up for bid at the annual Food Blogging charity raffle, Menu for Hope V!!

Menu for Hope V Logo

Once again, Mom is going to be offering a few prizes for you to bid on and she wants you to come back tomorrow so you can see what she has up for auction.

Like last year, this year's proceeds will be supporting the school lunch program in Lesotho through the UN World Food Programme.

Even if you have all your shopping done for this year, come back tomorrow and check out Mom's prizes and then go bid on them. Raffle tickets are only $10 and it is super easy to do because we use First Giving.