Friday, May 08, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging: Mama Breadchick Comes for a Visit

We're hosting Weekend Cat Blogging for Mother's Day weekend here at The Sour Dough.

I get pretty excited when Mama Breadchick comes to stay because Mom makes my couch do a magic trick and it becomes a low bed I can hop on and take over the middle of;

LB on Center of the made up futon

just like I do with Mom's high bed in her bedroom, because I am King of All Furniture With Pillows!

Mama Breadchick and I have been spending lots of days together while Mom is at work. We sit in the front room reading, doing counted cross stitch where I help Mama Breadchick keep track of all the colored string by pouncing on it to keep it from escaping, and of course taking afternoon naps together on the magic couch.

LB sleeping on bed/couch

Mama Breadchick even knows that I like a good game of "hand snake".

LB and Mom "fighting"

She isn't as fast as Mom is though, so I get more opportunities to gnaw on Mama Breadchick's fingers.

Pops Breadchick didn't come to visit this time because someone had to stay home to watch after the two stupid dogs that Mama Breadchick and Pops Breadchick have. But he sure misses her because he sent her this fantastic bouquet of flowers to tell her how much he misses her and to wish her happy Mother's Day.

Mom's Mother's Day Flowers from My Dad

Mom and Mama Breadchick are heading into the city tonight to catch Angela Landsbury and Rupert Everett in Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit. But, first they are having dinner at the Bryant Park Grill. I hope they bring me back a Kitty Bag!

If you would like to participate in Weekend Cat Blogging, leave us a comment and a link to your post about WCB. I'll be doing a round up on Monday after Mom takes Mama Breadchick to the airport to fly home.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to wish your Mama a happy Mother's Day if you live in the US.

Monday May 11 Weekend Cat Blogging Round-Up:

Mom took Mama Breadchick to the airport today. It sure is quite around the house now.

Mama Breadchick's flight back home to Northern Michigan was delayed for a few hours so Mom and Mama Breadchick went to a sandwich shop Mom knows about in the Marine Terminal at LaGuardia.

The Marine Terminal is where the Pan Am Clipper Overnight flights left during the 30's and 40's and the terminal is all art deco polished glass with incredible art work. The shuttles for Delta fly in and out of there but even you don't have a flight from that terminal or are just visiting NYC, you may want to make a trip to see the beautiful building. Unlike the old Pan Am terminal at JFK that Jet Blue promised they were going to us but now aren't, it is nice to see the Marine Terminal is still in use as originally planned.

We had quite a few cats stop by to say "hi" to Mama Breadchick this weekend.

Jules at Judi's Mind Over Matter celebrated Mother's Day by sitting in Mom's lap while Mom worked. I like to do that too!

Luna was just a chatty catty all weekend at CatSynth! We love to hear her lovely voice. Bet she does great duets on the synths in the house.

Our French friend Melle Mina had a lazy weekend in the garden laying on yard furniture and soaking up the last of the spring sunshine.

Mom's good foodie friend at Paulchen's Food Blog had her funny Salome write a post about Moms and playing in the herb pot. Mom doesn't like me to get into her herbs so she keeps them outside during the nice weather. I'm jealous Salome, who is a pretty girl cat, gets to play in her Mom's herbs.

Another of Mom's good friends, Rosa of Rosa's Yummy Yums had her cat Fridolin show us his god poses and remind us all that we kitties were once worshiped. I'm not sure about the "once" part because I'm pretty sure I'm still worshiped as are all my WCB friends.

It was a lazy day to lie stretched out on the floor at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats over the weekend.

The grande dame kitty, Scrappycat, gives every woman good grooming tips for the Mother's Day weekend over at Sidewalk Shoes.

Thanks for visiting everyone! I always enjoy hosting WCB because Mom let's me say anything I want to, mostly. We'll be hosting again in a few weekends but don't forget to check out the other hosts over the next three weeks.