Sunday, July 26, 2009

Golf and Waffles?

I'm baking with Sara today. We haven't baked together for a long time because of our schedules and a few other things going on in her life. It's great to be with my bestest friend again. I won't tell you what we're baking but when you see it early next week, I'm pretty sure you will be planning a baking session of your own.

I played an early round of golf at South Pine Creek this morning before meeting up with Sara on Skype. South Pine is a sweet little nine hole course. I shot a 40, not great on a Par 3 course shot but I did have some good drives and few nice chip shots. I also had one great sixteen foot putt on the 9th.

On the way home, I stopped at the Sherwood Diner in Westport for breakfast. I had some waffles and side of turkey sausage links. The waffles were great but I'm still searching for the best breakfast turkey sausage links.

Speaking of golf and waffles, it appears one of my favorite golfers, Phil Mickelson, is getting into the waffle business. Phil and two of his business partners have bid on SouthEast Waffles, the bankrupt Tennessee based franchisee for The Waffle House. SouthEast Waffles operates quite a few of the Waffle Houses on my way down to Bristol, TN from NYC. So, this is good news because their bid includes the offer to renovate quite a few of them.

Maybe they'll even re-open the one in Stephens City, VA. That was my 1/3 way down to Bristol stop off and a good place to get out of the car for a stretch of the legs.