Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taking My Game on the Road

I had hoped to get a post or two up this week but a work deadline has kept me out of the kitchen all week. Thank goodness for Special K and the Whole Foods salad bar because otherwise I would have starved.

I finished my project at 3pm today and just in time too because in exactly nine hours I will on a plane headed back home to Michigan for one last week of R&R with my folks and I'm taking my clubs with me.

Packed for my Golfing Trip

We had so much fun a few weeks ago golfing together that when I came home from the last trip, I immediately booked another week up north. My dad and I have six full days of golfing planned on various courses. Of course, you can't golf that much without having some betting going on and we are no different. High score has bar tab and given how much beer both of us can put away that could be very expensive. My mom has dubbed the week the Father/Daughter Labatts Open.

I did get in the kitchen tonight. Despite the blight, my two grape tomato plants have been surprisingly blight resistant and both are producing nicely. I love to take grape tomatoes and letting them cook down a bit on the stove.

My measly tomato haul from the garden

This week the CSA also had a small mid early onions as part of our share.

CSA Onions

So, I took some onions, garlic, the green pepper from the CSA share, and a handful of my garden's tomatoes, sauted them in some good olive oil and made some garden scrambled eggs with the last two eggs from last week's CSA share.

Garden Omlette

With the last few blackberries in the fridge, it not only meant I wasn't throwing anything from the fridge out, it made a fanatastic quick dinner and welcome change from cold cereal and milk for dinner.

I'm not sure I'll be able to post this week. It will depend on if I can get the parent's dial up internet connection to cooperate or not. I will though be coming back with a few fun food things and if I get a few minutes, there may even be some bread baking going on at the folks house.

If not, get out there and visit your local farmer's market. They may not have tomatoes but I'll bet they will have something nice to make your own garden scrambled eggs.