Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging: Mom's Whizzing Around the Kitchen

Can you believe it? There is a second post this week here.

Of course, Mom isn't writing it because she is too busy in the kitchen playing around with puff pastry dough for some cherry turnovers she's taking to some friend's tonight and the golf course tomorrow, prepping for a marathon night baking session with Sara and Stephanie, and carving up the corned beef she got up at 3am this morning


so she could make some corned beef hash for brunch tomorrow.

Then there were the maple scones she made for a client.


All that running around made Mom really thirsty and she said something about it didn't matter that it was only 39 degrees outside, she was going to have gin and tonic. Then I heard lots of "adult" words coming from the kitchen. It seems Mom had to get the tools out from under the sink to get the bottle of gin open.


Maybe that was telling her something...


I've been laying around the house trying to be a speed bump between the kitchen and the front room.


I figure the way Mom's scurrying around back and forth, this may the only way I get any attention today!

Our good friend, Kashim is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend. It's pretty lonely around there so go over and even you don't have a cat who can type and blog like me, you can still say "hi"!