Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekend Cat Blogging: Laundry Day

Once again, Mom is on the road for an extended business trip. She's been gone for almost two weeks today and I sure miss her.

LB on Suitcase

And just to make sure she had a little bit of me with her while she's gone I slept in the laundry basket of warm fresh from the dryer clothes she was getting ready to pack.

LB in Laundry Basket

I'll just bet Mom sure is happy to have cat hair all over her business clothes!

We're co-hosting Weekend Cat Blogging along with our friends Othello and Salome, who are so excited to be hosting again that they posted a whole week early!! So, go leave a comment there too because between them and us, we'll sure have a party!

And check back here on Sunday or over there to see what all the kitties were up to.