Thursday, December 22, 2005

Reflections on a Year

"You should blog. I really think you'd like it." That one gentle suggestion by MBH was the start of this blog. And so I did. One year ago tonight I posted my first, tentative entry in The Sour Dough. I just re-read that entry and realized that quite a bit has changed in this blog since then. I've grown into my voice. I've honed my writing and more importantly, I've enjoyed every minute of writing this blog.

When I started to keep an online journal, I figured I would use this page as the creative outlet I was lacking in my job. I would post about my hobby of baking breads and if the occasional grumbling about life and my sometime fustration with the injustices of this world spilled over that would be OK too. And, since I have always loved to write, I looked at this as just one more outlet for that often neglected passion. I really didn't think that anyone would ever read the ramblings and mumblings of a slightly high-strung, often scatterbrained, almost 40 year old in Cambridge, MA. let alone that I would develop online bonds with any of my fellow bloggers. Now, 365 days and dozens of posts later I have a circle of like minded blogging friends Lady Crumpet, Imogene, Maikopunk, Andrea, and Lauren who not only read here but always have good input on the comments page and ALWAYS make me think, laugh and yes, even cry when I read their posts on their respective blogs. I've added to my recipe collection via some fabulous fellow foodies. I've re-thought my position on several subjects and commiserated with fellow liberals. I like to think that the gals mentioned above have helped me grow as a person as well as some of the other bloggers I read. There are some really incredible writers out there and some very passionate people.

So, as The Sour Dough turns two, let me say thanks to each and every one of you who stop by for a minute to share a cup of tea, a slice of bread with butter and jam, and most importantly who share a bit of yourself with me. I'm not sure what the upcoming year will bring but I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all.