Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging: Mom's Home and She Brought Presents!

Mom surprised me last night by coming home half a day early! She said she just wanted to sleep in her own bed last night instead of a hotel. I was happy to see her I showed her how I could attack my new mouse toy she brought me.

LB with his New Toy Mouse

Mom also brought home a ton of booty from her vacation, including some Christmas presents and birthday presents for friends and family. She also brought home some wine, books and a Christmas tree ornament from a place she said was her favourite place to stay.

And Yet MORE Shenandoah Vacation Booty

Finally she found a treasure trove of old cookbooks. She was really excited that the found quite a few books from the Time Life Foods of the World collection including two of the recipe binders and a copy of the hard to find Kitchen Tips from the series!

My Shenandoah Vacation Booty - Old Cookbooks

Of course, the end of a really good vacation means laundry and grocery shopping. She also needs to put a few pictures together to show you a small slice of heaven on earth and tell you about a few really good restaurants she visited last week.

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