Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lazy Saturday Morning in the Sun

As you are probably well aware from all the whining I've been doing on this blog instead of cooking/baking, I've been working lots and lots of hours these past few weeks. There hasn't been a weekend in over a month that I haven't at least spent half a day doing some work. Even if I was at home puttering around in the kitchen, I'd bring a job folder home and do some work.

Not this weekend! I left all job folders at work tossed on the desk in my office; which looks like a bomb went off on/in but that is another story. I didn't even link to the job folder to make it available "off line" so I could open it this weekend. Instead, I'm taking the whole weekend off to sleep in late, read a few books I'm in the middle of, and especially bake and play in the kitchen.

I have Sara's BBB Challah on the baking plan (I had to sit out that month and have felt awful about it since, especially as I love Challah) as well as Packzi to take into work on Fat Tuesday. There is this certain item that I have to make for that HUGE group of bakers I belong to that I really need to tackle this weekend too otherwise I'm going to have to take a pass, and, as a really, really good blogging friend is one of the hosts, I don't want to be a loser. Plus I have a Cookbook Casting Call menu to plan as well!

Both LB and I have spent a rather lazy Saturday morning so far. I got up late (9AM), made myself a pot of French press coffee and the last of the BBB five grain bread with Fortnum and Mason's orange champagne marmalade for breakfast,

Lazy Saturday Breakfast

and spent a very enjoyable hour chatting on Skype with my online wife, Sara.

Now, showered and awake, I'm sitting here waiting for my hair to dry to before I head out and take care of a few errands, like picking up the perscription of antibiotics for my sinus infection that has been ready for pick up for oh I don't know... a week now, before I head to my coffee shop and wile the afternoon away with this month's issue of Cooking Light, Gourmet, and the cookbook for next week's Cookbook Casting Call figuring out the menu.

LB has had an equally lazy morning. He has taken to chasing the winter sun around the living room; starting out propped up against the VCR/Playstation/Subwoofer where the sun touches the room first

LB Catching First Morning Sun

and ending up at the foot of the couch doing "cat things".

LB Doing Cat Things in Sun

This morning was no different and now he is curled up taking an early afternoon nap and proving he is the "Alpha" of the house by doing it in my spot on the couch where the sun will make it's last appearance before drifting to the other side of the house.

While I haven't been able to cook and blog about it much lately, I have paid a little attention to the layout of this blog. Probably the most noticable change it the lovely new header for The Sour Dough!

You may recognize the artist's work from other blogs like my good friend Veronica's. The artist is the super talented Ximena of Lobstersquad and if you aren't familiar with her work, you should go read her blog. She not only cooks and writes about her food but she is an illustrator as well. Thanks Ximena, I've never been so chic!

I also moved the rss feed subscriber buttons to the sidebar. They had been hiding at the bottom and, since I had to move my blog back to blogger after shutting down the servers for The Sour Dough after Wren's passing, I have received quite a few emails from folks wondering how to re-subscribe to The Sour Dough. If you haven't updated your feed readers to my new address, feel free to clicky-clicky over there on the sidebar! Or you can manually update your reader by typing the url

OK, my hair is dry and the last of my coffee is gone. Time to get out in the sun, take care of those pesky errands, and then go laze away the afternoon!

Right after I let LB's good friends at CatSynth, Luna and Amar, know what he's up to. They are hosting this week's Weekend Cat Blogging and we haven't been very good about participating lately.