Friday, December 16, 2005

Cookie Friday Random 10

We are having a good ole fashioned winter mess here in Cambridge today: sleet, slush, ice, snow, rain all accompanied by a brisk wind. So, instead of joining my fellow "fine" Boston drivers (you heard the sarcasm right?) out on the skating rink otherwise known as the Mass Turnpike, I am working at home today.

Actually, I won't be getting much work done as Tuesday was an official day off but I ended up working on a project that absolutely had to be finished. Basically meaning instead of getting that last batch of cookies baked to go into my family's packages and those packages mailed I had to do other things. So, today, I have already completed one batch of toffee bars and I'm getting ready to start on the butter spritz cookies to add to the chocolate crinkles, mini chocolate chip tea bites, cranberry-orange mini loafs and brownies. I was going to make fudge as well but decided against it as next to powdered sugar donuts, fudge is my number one weakness (oh, and cookie dough!).

While I'm between batches of cookies I thought I'd go ahead post my Friday Random 10. You know the game: Put Ipod on shuffle, record names of first 10 tunes, no cheating to look cool and all that. So, let me brush the cookie crumbs off the Ipod...and away we go!

Friday Random 10

1. My Bonnie Boy from English Folk Song Suite - Vaughn Williams/Fredrick Fennell conducting
2.Christmas Sweet: God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman - Mannheim Steamroller
3.Lady Lynda - Acoustic Alchemy
4.Full of Grace - Sarah McLachlan
5. Into the Dark - Melissa Etheridge
6.The Holly and the Ivy- Mannheim Steamroller
7.Kiss of Life - Sade
8.Dummy Song - Louis Armstrong
9Cast Your Fate to the Wind - George Winston
10.Change - Tears for Fears

A small nod to something that brought a tear to my eye. When I was a young lass, I spent two summers at Interlochen Music Camp in Michigan where I learned that I would never play first oboe for the Boston Symphony. It is ok. I've gotten over the disappointment even if I still fantasize every once in while about playing the famous oboe solo from the Tchaikovsky 4th Symphony at Symphony Hall. During both summers at Interlochen I had the very distinct pleasure of playing under the baton of Fredrick Fennell. About a year ago, Maestro Fennell passed away. He was the antithesis of the Tyrant Conductor most people who have never sat in an orchestra/wind ensemble associate with conductors (Toscanini, et al). He rarely had a harsh word but rather a firm correction and he never publicly dressed down a musician. He was a perfectionist and he expected you to come to rehearsals knowing your parts and to make excellent music. I had forgotten I had an Eastman Wind Ensemble recording on my ipod. It was good to hear Fennell again.