Friday, December 30, 2005

Random Musings from a Commute

We live about an hour from where I work. Every morning I drive one hour to my office which, besides the fact that I wish the MBTA would extend the commuter train system to the town or even a close town, really isn't that much of a bother. I use the time to think about things going on in my life that require some reflection, plan my day at work, create a mental "to do" list for my evening, learn French, or sometimes to just empty my brain in preparation for my day.

Today was a day for random musings and thoughts...

A. Man, this is my last eggnog latte for the season.
B. It really is pretty along MA122 without the leaves on the trees, patches of snow and all.
C. I need to feed the sourdough starter tonight and did I remember to fix MBH something for lunch?
D. I wonder if Todd over at 1000 Movies got to 1000 last night?
E. What is my life's epic journey?

I want to believe we each have an epic journey to complete in our lives. I just wonder if we know when we are in the midst of that journey. Going to have to ponder that last one and get back to you.

While I think on that deep subject, time to spin the wheel on the Ipod to Shuffle and play "Friday Random 10" for the last time this year. I've looked back at my lists the past few months since I discovered this game on Andrea's blog and ironically, the lists all seem to have some deeper meaning. Maybe it is because I'm more reflective right now than usual or may not...

Anyways, let's see what we have today (links as usual for you listen along):

Friday Random 10:

1. A Kiss to Build a Dream On - Louis Armstrong
2. Seek Up - Dave Matthews Band
3.I'm Beginning to See the Light - Natalie Cole
4. My Oxygen - Richard Page
5. Bullet Proof Soul - Sade
6. Away from You - Supertones
7. Please Forgive Me - David Grey
8.We Are In Love - Harry Connick Jr.
9.Destination - The Church
10. Change - Tears for Fears

Hmm....very interesting.