Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Random 10 for Angela

My cousin Angela is getting married tomorrow. She is getting married in our grandparents back yard in the gazebo near the lake in which all of us grandkids learned to swim, ice skate, sail, water-ski, fish, and drive a speed boat really fast. I wish I could be there but I know she knows that if I could I would. I know it is going to be a wonderful ceromony and she will be surrounded by our family and her friends. I know she will be a lovely bride and everything will go exactly as planned (and even if it doesn't, I know Angela will handle it with grace and steely resolve she has always shown).But most of all, I know Angela and her new husband, John will be happy and share many years of love and joy.

Since tomorrow is such a special day for my family, I decided to put my playlist of love songs on random instead of my entire Ipod music collection. You know the game, put your Ipod on random and record the first ten songs that play. No cheating to look cool. Oh yea, and links to listen by!

1. As Time Goes By - Jimmy Durante (Sleepless in Seattle Soundtrack)
2. Beautiful - Mandalay
3. Love of My Life - Carlos Santana/Dave Matthews
4. And We Danced - The Hooters
5. Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra
6. In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel (Say Anything Soundtrack)
7. Love of My Life - Jim Brickman
8. I Love You for Sentimental Reasons - Linda Ronstadt
9. L-O-V-E - Nat King Cole
10. I Couldn't Love You More - Sade

Bonus Track: A Kiss to Build a Dream On - Louis Armstrong

I had to add that last one...

Mazel Tov! Angela and John