Saturday, June 03, 2006

WCB #2: Oh Presents!!

It's the weekend and that means it is time for Weekend Cat Blogging and it is a special installment because this week is the one year anniversary of WCB!

Over at, Clare and Kiri are getting the party ready to go with lots of treats and toys for all the kitties. LB has a gift to bring to the party too and judging from the reaction in the photo above, I would suspect that the present in the bag probably contains some catnip. LB is a late comer to the lure of cat nip. When LB first adopted me many years ago, I bought him a little pillow of catnip. He didn't seem to be that interested in the catnip and, after a few derisory swipes at the pillow, he never played with the catnip again. I knew some cats weren't affected by the herb so I just figured that LB fell in that category.

A few months ago, while MBH and I were shopping in a kitchen store, he spied a little gray mouse of catnip and bought it before I could warn him that LB didn't like the stuff. You can imagine my surprise when MBH gave LB his new toy that not only did LB like the mouse, it has since become his favourite toy. MBH keeps the mouse in a little tea tin on his side of our bed and whenever LB hears the lid of the tin coming off, he comes running from where ever in the house he is and pounces on the little gray mouse. He drools on it and kicks it with his back feet. It is the only toy he will fetch and bring back to us. Thinking maybe it was only dried catnip that had this effect on LB, we recently bought a little plant so we could dry it ourselves. However, not five minutes after finding the pot, LB was putting his face in the plant and trying to eat all the leaves. I had to take the plant to my office where it is happily growing and on Fridays, I pluck a few stalks to bring home for LB and MBH, who can't wait to feed LB his treat of fresh catnip.

Happy Anniversary to Weekend Cat Blogging!