Thursday, August 23, 2007

Decamping to Connecticut but I'm Leaving My Heart on Beacon Hill

Decamp: To depart quickly, secretly, or unceremoniously

Tomorrow, very early in the morning, I fly home to Boston after a business trip for the last time and I'm very sad. For almost fifteen years, Boston has been home and next week at this time it won't be anymore. Circumstances of life maybe not so wisely lived and decisions perhaps made in error have sent me away to exile. I just hope it won't be forever.

I remember the very first time I flew into Boston after the end of a business trip. It was early in the morning and the sun was just coming up behind the buildings downtown and the view from the airplane as we descended over the harbor was thrilling! Logan Airport is situated out in the middle of Boston Harbor and when you are landing it almost seems like you will miss the runway and end up in the water.

So, tomorrow morning, after picking up my luggage and my car from long term parking, I am going to "pahk the cah in Harvahd Yahd" (he-he) and have one last day of fun in Boston. I am going to visit my favourite bakery on Beacon Hill, Panificio, and have the best lemon poppyseed muffin I have ever had while people watching on Charles Street. Then I'm going to wander along Newbury Street and window shop before going to the Map Room Cafe at the Boston Public Library for lunch. After visiting the John Singer Sargent murals for one last time, I'm going to go have an afternoon drink at the Last Hurrah at The Parker House (and maybe even have some Boston Cream Pie) then go visit the harbor and Old Ironsides before catching the T back to Cambridge over the Longfellow Bridge

and heading to a friend's house in Stow for a "going away" party.

On Saturday, after running a few last errands that one always has to do before taking leave, I will drive down to Connecticut. Next weekend, it will be all moving vans and directing big, burly men with heavy furniture.

But this weekend, it's all about saying "So long but just for a little while" to Boston; my hometown where everyone really does know your name...

Boston skyline at sunset from a sailboat cruise I took last summer in happier times.