Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake....Or Not

It isn't often that I share my kitchen disasters with you. Not because I don't have any because I do and often. But rather I'm normally too flustered when they happen that I don't have a camera at hand and if there is one thing in the kitchen that a picture really is worth a thousand words it is the kitchen disaster!

This weekend I'm catering some dear friends wedding anniversary celebration. There will be over twenty guests and the only thing they wanted for their celebration is a buffet of appetizers and desserts, including a re-creation of their wedding cake, a three layer German Chocolate Cake. Luckily, a few weeks ago, when I was hanging out in Cleveland with those two wild and crazy gals Lisa and Helen one of the many sugar laden things we made was just about the best tasting German Chocolate Cake ever!

So, tonight after work, I went home to make the cake layers to pop into the freezer until Thursday when I would begin assembling the desserts for the Saturday party. The batter went together easily and made enough for four layers of cake. Since my oven is pretty small, I baked in two shifts of two pans. The first two cakes came out with no problems and even the the second batch baked well. It was the removing from the pans that well...not so much. The first cake of the second batch came out the pan nicely and I flipped it out and back onto the cooling rack. I guess I was feeling cocky about the success of the cake but what ever happened the second cake decided to flip out of the pan, off the cooling rack and onto the floor on the other side of my kitchen island.