Monday, January 21, 2008

Clippin' Coupons

Now that I have a car payment for the first time in seven years and with the huge increases of the cost of food, I am determined to get back to being a diligent coupon clipper and store sale flyer reader.

I remember my mom sitting at the kitchen table on Saturday morning before going to the grocery store with her list on her right and stacks of store flyers and her coupon box on her left. She would go down her list, check through each flyer and then her coupon box to check for sales and specials. Then, she would load my brother and I into the family station wagon and down to Oleson's, IGA, or Giantway we would go.

Today, I'm off for Martin Luther King Day and I decided to get caught up on reading my newspapers and then go grocery shopping. I use Tada Lists for making my list and then I sat with the coupon inserts from the Sunday paper and the online store flyers and went through my grocery list to make sure I had all my coupons in order.

While I was doing this, I noticed a lot of "visit for more coupons and offers". So, I visited the site, found a few more coupons, printed them and headed out to the store. I'm thinking internet coupons are even better than flyer coupons. They don't end up in the dumps or recycling bins, you can find coupons for exactly the products you want, and you don't have to subscribe to a newspaper to get coupons!

While standing in the checkout line at the Super Stop and Shop, I noticed a sign over the cash register, "We do not accept coupons printed on your computer".