Friday, January 11, 2008

We Have Winners!!

The winners of the Menu for Hope IV Raffle have been announced!

But, before I let you know who won our prizes, let me say thank you to everyone who bid on my prizes and all the other fabulous prizes my fellow food bloggers from around the world offered. Because of each of your contributions, we will be sending $91,188.00 to help support the World Food Programme!! That is 50% more than we raised last year. Absolutely fabulous!!!

So here are the winners of the Menu for Hope IV raffle prizes from The Sour Dough:

UE08: Box of 9 LA Burdick Chocolate Mice:

Congratulations Ms. Jessica Su! I'll be shipping you this lovely box of mice.

UE09: Small Signature Collection box of Chocolate from Knipschildt Chocolatier:

Congratulations Ms Stephanie Leveene! Once these chocolates arrive, let's see if they last longer than the boxes we had in offices over the holidays.
UE10: Two Loaves of Fresh Baked Bread from Breadchick:

Congratulations Mrs. Sarah Rosenberg! Two fresh baked loaves of bread will soon be on their way to your house!
UE11: Day of Baking with Breadchick:

Congratulations Dr. Ewan McNay! On an upcoming weekend day, I'll be visiting you and your friends in your kitchen to teach you the basics of bread making and I'll have a basket of bread making tools and goodies with me.

If you are one of the winners, please drop me an email to claim your prize. Please include the email address you used to donate to Menu for Hope in your email to me. Thanks!

Again, a huge Breadchick thank you to everyone who contributed to make this year's Menu for Hope so successful. We'll see you next year for Menu for Hope V!