Friday, February 15, 2008

Got Grits?

I'm in Atlanta this week on a business trip. Last night, my client took us out to a restaurant in Midtown that specializes in southern home cooking with a modern twist, South City Kitchen.

I ordered a crab cake, pork chop with fried pork belly and hoppin' john with a side of mac and cheese, and topped it off with a banana pudding. All in all, pretty tasty. I'm not sure I was all that fond of the extra spicy edge to the mac and cheese but I really thought the hoppin' john and fried pork belly was excellent.

One of my dinner companions ordered smoked duck breast with grits. Now, I'm not exactly a grits girl. Which is pretty surprising considering my definite fondness for cream of wheat and corn bread.

So, my question dear readers, are you a grits person or not? How do you eat them? With a dollop of butter and salt on top or with a drizzle of maple syrup?