Sunday, February 03, 2008

Places I'm Not Allowed Without Adult Supervision

Remember when you were younger and just learning about money and how to budget your money? Your parents would give you a set amount of money to spend in a store or if you are of my generation, you had chores to do around the house and earned an allowance. (I think that is passe now isn't it? I never hear about allowances anymore.)

Anyways, you had a set amount of money and you would wander around the store looking for something to buy based upon how much candy or toys or, in my case, books you could buy. But, hovering around somewhere in the store, were your parents. You had adult supervision while you were trying to decide do you buy four Charleston Chews (four for a quarter), a Laffy Taffy , (when Willy Wonka wasn't part of Nestle), some Wacky Wafers (discontinued when Willy Wonka was bought by Nestle) and still have a nickel left over or a box of Pop Rocks, a candy necklace, two Seven-Up bars, some wax lips and a piece of bubble gum and have two pennies left over.

Now that I'm a grown-up (supposedly) and allegedly responsible for my own discretionary income, I have grown to believe that even now there are some places I should not be allowed to go into without a responsible adult.

Here's my list:

While we're listing the places I shouldn't go into with a responsible adult, let's add a few websites that should have "parental block" on for me:

And after yesterday's little stop to "only" pick up some cinnamon, we probably ought to add Penzey's Spice to the list...