Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Night at the Opera with the Daring Bakers

When our founders, Lis and Ivonne, announced that this month's challenge was going to be Opera Cake the first thing that went through my mind was a quick flash through of my favorite movie of all time, The Marx Brothers "Night at the Opera" (Check out the trivia section on the IMDB entry and read why you wouldn't want to miss a business meeting with the zany Brothers)

During the movie, Groucho, Harpo, and Chico crash the MET performance of Il Trovatore, my favorite opera of all time.

Another thing about Daring Bakers that reminds me of "A Night at the Opera" is how big we've gotten since I joined. When I joined it there were less than twenty of us and now we are over 1,000 bakers world wide! Sometimes I feel like I'm part of the famous state room scene and all that is missing is two hard boiled eggs!

Anyways, back to the opera at hand...

The Opera Cake is typically made in dark chocolate flavors but this month we've been asked to keep it light in honor of Barb of Winos and Foodies, who hosts A Taste of Yellow, her yearly event to raise awareness of cancer with the LiveSTRONG Foundation. I missed this year's event because of my crazy travel schedule so I was was really happy that I would get a chance to honor Barb with my Raspberry Lemon flavored Opera Cake.

As far as how the challenge went, it was actually pretty darn easy as far as DB Challenges go because over the past year, I've tackled all the individual elements either in other challenges or through the confidence I've gained by baking the DB Challenges.

Apparently all that practice paid off because the office gave rave reviews to the Opera Cake, including the senior partner who actually licked his plate!

To see all the other wonderful arias of my fellow Daring Bakers who are crammed into the state room with me, go check out there creations by visiting their blogs!

To try and get a "Bravo" or a "Brava" of your own, go visit Lis or Ivonne and warm up those vocal chords!