Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging: Santa Comes Back and I Answer a MeMe

Mom spent a lot more time with me this week. I think she was feeling guilty about ignoring me last weekend when Mr. Fizzy Wine was hanging around. Thanks to everyone who said they would adopt me if I wanted to go with them. I'll keep your addresses on file if the tuna and chicken rations go down around here or that guy with the noisy wine bottle comes back any time soon.

Anyways, this week Mom spent a lot of time rambling around the house pulling stuff out of closets and drawers. She said she is "downsizing" her life. I don't know what that means but she tried on a lot of clothes and I noticed that a lot of them ended up in these big plastic bags that she mentioned she was driving to Goodwill. One of the the things she found while she was cleaning out closets was my favorite toy, Santa Claus!

Katley and his Santa

I'm not sure how that got into the closet but I'm sure glad she found it! I was so happy I kicked some stuffing out of Santa, stomped on him some and then laughed at my prowess

katley finds his Santa

After all that Santa Ass Kicking, I was pretty tired and it was starting to get really hot in the house. I'm so glad Mom turned the air conditioning on and left this pile of colorful t-shirts on the bed.

Katley Sleeps on My Workout TShirts

She wasn't that happy that I slept on them because she said she wears them when she goes to the gym or runs to the beach. I'm not sure why a little bit of cat hair on them is going to be a problem when she is going to sweat in them.

Besides ignoring me the past few weeks Mom has been neglecting a few of her blogging friends who have given her some pretty fantastic awards and a really good blogging friend who tagged her for a meme.

Gabi from The Feast Within awarded Mom the "E is for Excellent" blog award for all the good food Mom cooks and then tells you about here.

Excellent Blog Award

Then, Lynn at Cookie Baker Lynn gave Mom a "Blogging with Purpose" award for for all the good information that mom writes about bread and the encouragement she gives to people who are afraid of yeast.

Blogging with a Purpose

Now I don't really like the taste of bread and I think yeast and flour can't taste anywhere as good as crab or salmon but apparently there are a lot of people out there who think bread is pretty darn tasty.

I know Mom is thrilled and honored to be given these awards and I'm proud of her because she loves helping people who read her blog with their questions and wants to inspire people to get comfortable in their kitchens.

She is suppose to pass these on to folks she feels deserve them.

So she is passing the Excellence Award on to: Dharm, Mike, Sara, Lewis and Ruth who all do excellent work in the kitchen and inspire every one of their readers to do their best in their kitchens.

Blogging with a Purpose goes to: Andrea, Madam Chow, Ilva, Veronica, and Ham

Finally, one of Mom's oldest blogging friends Jenny of the really cool blog All Things Edible tagged Mom with a five questions meme. Even though Mom has sworn off meme's, I'll fill this one out for her!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago: I was wandering around the streets of Clinton, MA. My former owners had abandoned me and I was still one year from getting caught in a huge rainstorm on Mom's old porch at her condo in Clinton. I didn't have enough to eat and I got into lots of fights. The best thing that ever happened to me was I got caught on Mom's porch and she heard my crying in the rain and came out and got me, brought me into the house, dried me off and after no one came to claim me she decided she loved me too much to let me go. I've been very happy to run her house ever since.

2. Five non work things on my to do list for today: nap, chase the imaginary fly around the house, push the empty food bowl around the kitchen, meow at the squirrels in the front yard, hide under the bed and swat at Mom's ankles.

3. Five snacks I enjoy: bits of yellow fin tuna from Mom's sushi, Friskies Indoor Cat Treats - chicken flavour, scrambled eggs, king crab leg bits, small pieces of Round *what I call bologna, the only poison free food*

4. Things I would do if I was a Billionaire: find homes for and feed all the lost and stray kats in the world

5. Places I have Lived: Clinton and Cambridge, MA and East Norwalk, CT

6. Jobs I have Had: I've never had a job except to rule the house and keep the squirrels out of Mom's bird feeder by looking menacing in the window when they jump onto it and knock the bird seed out all over the porch.

I'm suppose to tag five people but I don't know too many kitties that blog so if you haven't sworn off memes and/or know a cat that can blog, consider yourself tagged.

Our good friend Sher and Laura and Pumpkin are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this week, so head over to What Did You Eat to see what all the kitties in the blogosphere have been up to this hot week.