Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Changes...

First, thank you everyone for your kind comments, emails and phone calls expressing your care, sympathy and concern about the loss of Wren. It has meant so much to me, my family and his family. Your support has been one of the rocks that we have clung to during this really difficult time of grief and now recovery.

I'm not quite ready to come back to blogging full time as there are still many things I have to do to finalize his affairs and the estate. But, very soon, I think I will feel the knead (yes, a little bread humour there) to come back to baking and cooking.

Unfortunately, one of the changes I have to make is finding a hosting service for the Sour Dough because this site has been hosted since it's inception on a server located in our living room. On this up coming Saturday, October 18, I will be shutting that server down for the last time and my site will go down until I can take a bit of time to move all the files to a new server.

So, I'm going to be redirecting to my blogger backup site for a bit starting tomorrow on Friday, October 17. Don't worry, you won't have to do anything drastic to find me because, if all goes well and I don't do a boo-boo on the name servers on Go Daddy, when you go to it should redirect automagically. It also means that my email address will be redirecting as well. I hope it won't take too long to catch up with me! But, if you don't get a reply back quickly, understand that there may be a little delay.

Again, thank you all for your care and concern.