Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging: Herding Cats and Cookbooks

We were the hosts of Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend and despite all the snow and then some freezing rain that has left Mom's car covered with the nasty white stuff

Snow and Ice Covered Car
we had a pretty productive weekend.

Mom not only made this really great bread from her French bread baking book

Couronne from French Pains Book

but she reorganized the big bookcase that held most of her cookbooks.

Reorganized Large Cookbook Bookcase

She packed away some non-cookbooks she didn't read very often and then moved most of her cookbooks that were in this shelf and in the piles on the floor in the hall and bedroom into the three other bookcases in the living room to make room for the cookbooks Mom is certain to add to her collection in 2009.

Mom sure has a lot of heavy cookbooks and her back told her so this morning because when she got up to feed me, she came back to bed with her heating pad. Mom just told me to quit talking about all her cookbooks and start telling about the kitties that have stopped by on this winter weekend.

First to stop by is our fellow foodblogging friend Paulchen and keepers of the WCB schedule Kashim, Othello, and Salome. They miss all the foodblogging friends who used to be part of Weekend Cat Blogging and so does Mom. Hopefully more of our cat and cooking friends will come by WCB in 2009!


Next to leave us a little comment love was another long time food blogging and cat blogging friend, Rosa. She was taking a walk in the village and found this sweet little face peeking out from under a bush.


Over at Sidewalk Shoes, Patchouli was taking it easy all weekend Pooh style!


Sanjee stopped by to let us know the going-ons at the House of the Mostly Black Cats and told up Pepi was laughing it up on the web.


CeCe patiently waited to get back into the house at Mind of Mog.


Finally, Samantha and Mr. Tigger showed how good friends they can be with the grandbeans.


Elora and her Frog both stopped by to say hi. Elora totes her frog around the house everywhere she goes and anywhere Elora can be found is sure to be the frog.

elora and her frog

Kind of like the old Santa I drag around the house!

Tristan stopped by to show us the perfect napping pose for the weekend

And Diamond gave a link to all the folks that showed up for Thursday's Country Cats.

Feliz joined us and his owner has a question for all the cat owners out there about Feliz. He also brought another recipe in French that Mom has already bookmarked to try!


Finally, go say a big Hello and Welcome to Butch!
This is his first Weekend Cat Blogging and he sure is cute.

Butch 062407

Well, now that Mom is out in the driveway scraping the snow and ice off the car, I'm just going to go curl up on the heating pad she so thoughtfully left on under the comforter and make sure that it stays nice and warm so when Mom comes back with the newspaper she just said is probably buried somewhere out in the yard it will be even warmer with cat love.

LB Curled up on Heating Pad

There's still time for other kitties to leave us a link in the comments about their weekends. I'll update the round-up later tonight.