Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brunch! with a Guest at The Sour Dough

A few weeks ago, I gave a copy of Gale Gand's fabulous new cookbook, Brunch!

Gale Gand Brunch!

to one lucky reader of The Sour Dough. The winner of the cookbook was a non-blogging reader, Sandra but I don't want to let her not having a blog let you read about her experiences. If you are like me, after you read about how much fun she had with Brunch! you'll head right out and get your self a copy and stop at the store on the way home to make some brunch!

Without further adieu, here is Sandra's write-up:

When Mary offered a contest on The Sour Dough for Gale Gand's "Brunch!" cookbook I figured I'd enter, even though I was sure I wouldn't win. But I did! Then came the really hard part, going through it and picking a recipe to test in time to write an entry for her blog. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do that (pick a recipe, not write a review :-)), but then I saw the recipe for corn and parmesan fritters and my search was over. I love corn fritters, and have tried *many* recipes, so there was no question this would be the first thing I made from the book.

The recipe was nicely laid out (though the size and color of the print used to list the ingredients made the fractions a little hard to read) and easy to follow. When nothing was stated about what to do with the cooked onions and garlic, I figured I was meant to add them to the rest of the ingredients (the garnishes are clearly mentioned later), and did so. The fritters were quite easy to cook, and boy were they tasty! I didn't bother with the salsa, but did top them with sour cream and bacon (as suggested). I wish I had a digital camera to show them to you, though I'm not sure any would have stayed around long enough to take a picture; we couldn't wait for them all to cook, and ate them as each pan was finished, along with some coddled eggs (also in the cookbook).