Friday, April 10, 2009

WCB: Hippity Hoppity Down The Bunny Trail

We're hosting a special Easter edition of Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend and of course, Mom has left me to my own devices for the whole weekend. She headed south again to meet up with my grandparents Breadchick and Wren's mom for a big feasting on ham and all the trimmings.

Before she left, she let me play with the colored eggs she had thoughtfully left on the counter before going to work. I chased them around the living room and up on the couch

LB After Batting Easter Eggs Around Couch

before I got bored with the stupid colored eggs

LB Bored after playing with Easter Eggs

and then decided to go jump on the bed and nap on her belt.

LB Napping on My Belt

I guess I was hoping if I sat on the belt long enough she wouldn't be able to pack it. But she tricked me by opening a can of shrimp and when I hopped back up on the bed after eating my treat of shrimp, she had packed the belt.

I showed her though because I stomped on one of her eggs!

LB stomps on an Easter Egg

Anyways, we hope you have a good Easter or Passover this weekend. Leave us a link in the comments so we know what you are up to and if you found any goodies in a basket with green grass in it.

Since Mom won't be home until Wednesday and she took the computer with her, I won't be able to do a round up this time around. But make sure you check back on Sunday to see all the links from the other kitties.

Mom also promises next week to be a better food blogger now that her dumb project is almost finished. That will be good because she has been working too much which means she hasn't been cooking much and doesn't have any good bits of meat for me to eat during dinner.