Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend Cat Blogging: For the Love of a Cat

LB is going to take a quick break from hosting to let his mom take over on this Valentine's edition of Weekend Cat Blogging. I'm going to come clean and tell you how much I am a huge anti-Valentines Day person.

When I was in elementary school I was the weird, ugly duckling little girl who would only receive four or five Valentines in her "mailbox" and at least one of those was a nasty Valentine. You know the one where someone signs the name of the cutest boy/girl in the class and then when you go to thank them, they are stunned. I hate the candy hearts with sayings on them unless they are the sweet-tart ones. I've never been big on red roses. Luckily, most the men in my life have felt the same way about a day that makes you feel inadequate as a human being if you aren't part of a couple.

But, as I was packing for a long business trip to Florida that would also give me a few days break from the snowy winter weather to play some golf with my parents, LB, who was sulking because I was leaving again, wandered into the living room where I had the golf club bag spread on the floor and proved to me what unconditional love really is by climbing into the bag and looking up at me with all the love only a pet can give us.

LB in My Golf Cover

In the mornings, I wake up every day to his little furry face right next to me.

LB Curled up Next To Me in AM

In the evenings, after a long hard day at work, he greets me at the door and after dinner curls up next to me on the couch while I work, read or watch TV.

LB curled on couch next to me

So, while I may not celebrate Valentine's Day, every day with LB show me the power of love.