Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Cat Blogging: Where Did a Month Go!

OK, so obviously Mom hasn't been here a lot lately because I just had to clear away the cobwebs from the login button. I guess it is a good thing that I came by because we're hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend.

Since Mom last typed any words here quite a few things have been going on for her both at work, on the golf course, and in the kitchen. On the work front, things are a crazy as ever but a few of her jobs are entering the really fun stage of a project where Mom gets to go out to the project and make lots of noise.

On the golf course, Mom has been working really hard this winter to shave strokes off her score.

Winter Golf

She has been taking her golf clubs with her on her business trips and hitting local driving ranges and golf courses after finishing her work. She also took a long weekend trip to Florida to meet her parents and golf with her Dad and Uncle at Disney on the Magnolia,

Ladies Tee 7th on Magnolia

home of the Children's Miracle Network Classic.

scoreboard at Child Network Magnolia

She purposely put her ball in the Mickey Mouse Bunker on the 6th Hole because Mom likes to play out of bunkers.

Mickey Mouse Bunker at Magnolia Golf Course

And when she's home, I try to help her with her putting.

LB on Putting Green

On the baking front, Mom has been really busy working on her home baking instruction business she started in the Fall. She has her business cards and is working on updating the website she used when she baked for clients out her home in Cambridge. That hasn't kept her from the kitchen though.

She had a special order from a friend who wanted cinnamon raisin swirl bread to surprise her mom on her birthday

Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

and Mom made two loaves so she could make some bread pudding to take into the office.

Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread Pudding

She also made two King Cakes for a Super Bowl party complete with hidden Baby Jesus.

dual king cakes for super bowl

Today, she is in the kitchen working on a few new recipes and prepping for a lecture on baking with herbs she is giving at a garden show next weekend.


lbsleeping on his head

I'm napping on the couch listening to the wind howl outside.

If you want to join us for Weekend Cat Blogging leave us a comment and check back at the end of the weekend to see what other kitties have been up to!