Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Cat Blogging: Meatballs and Golf Balls

First, I'm so sorry I had to miss last weekend's host duties. I was asleep for most of the weekend on the pile of pillows and quilts Mom left on the floor

LB on a pile of bedding

and Mom had to work all weekend on a stupid project. She worked 36 hours last weekend and by the time she got home on Sunday night she was really, really grumpy. So thanks to Othello, Kashim, and Salome for stepping in doing an emergency hosting!

They are hosting a special Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend in memory of Sher. Sher was very good friend of us here at the Sour Dough, a regular host of Weekend Cat Blogging, and one of the original Bread Baking Babes with Mom. (Did you know that one of the newest Babes is Othello, Kashim, and Salome's momma Astrid?)

Mom has many recipes that she uses in her kitchen from Sher but the one recipe she uses almost every month is her recipe for meatballs. Mom has been cleaning out her freezer and found a package of lamb from a local farm. Mom has also been craving a meatball sub like she used to get this little hole in the wall diner in Watertown, MA.

So, last night, she made lamb meatballs using the seasoning from Sher's recipe

Lamb Meatballs

and using a sub roll from the bakery down the street, made this wonderful looking meatball sub sandwich.

Lamb Meatball Sandwich

Speaking of balls, but not meatballs, Mom has been so busy at work she hasn't been on a golf course or a driving range in over 14 days. The last time she golfed was July 5th!! She's going to try and get on the course later this weekend but since it is also the weekend of the British Open or as it is called in the UK, The Open, she may not make it off the couch.

Of course, she cursed her favorite golfer by picking him to win in one of her golf pools and he had a horrible day yesterday and missed the cut. Mom really should know she is a jinx.

If you would like to join our hosts Othello, Kashim, and Salome this weekend in memory of Sher go visit their blog and leave a comment.