Saturday, October 29, 2005

That really wasn't snow I saw today was it?

I am not ready for winter. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not even. But today, while rushing to meet MBH at Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square, there they were. Falling from the sky. Snow flakes. "NOOOO!" I thought. That can't be. It just can't be. The weather forcast had been calling for snow and rain and we even canceled our day trip to Nantucket because of the cold, wet forcast. But, even with all the pre-warning, I still am not ready for snow. Seems like it was just winter. Where did fall go? We didn't even get leaf peeping this year. Or, apple picking. Or make a trip to the local cider mill. And now I have to pull out the winter clothes and find the snow shovel? You think if I went home, pulled the shades, and put on steel drum music I could fool myself into thinking it was still summer? Weather tomorrow: Partly sunny, high 67.