Friday, April 07, 2006

Trying to get back into the swing of it all

One of the things I hate about taking a vacation is trying to force myself back into my daily routine. I've found it exceedingly difficult this week in particular. Not only did I suffer from a touch of jet lag from my Paris trip, where I lost eight hours on the return flight, but on the very next night after my return, I lost one further hour due to our "springing" forward into Daylight Savings time. Poor MBH, he has literally had to kick me out of bed almost every morning this week.

But today, the last day of the work week, I actually feel like I might be back to semi-normal. For the first time my work email box didn't tell me I had over 100 email messages unread. All the mini-crisis that seem to always happen when the boss is away are now back under control (I hope). The one project that I did not get finished before I left is off my desk. With the exception of my staff's quarterly reviews, I am all caught up.

Now if I could only say the same thing about my blog postings...

Friday Random Ten

Yup, it has been over a month since I last played this little game. But, owing to a nice spring day in the greater Boston area and the fact that I've loaded quite a few more tunes to my ipod (ok, so a bulk of the music loaded is French pop and chansons), I think it is time I get back to putting the Ipod on shuffle and letting the songs play as they may. So, let's get right to it, my Friday random 10. Links as usual so you can listen along!

1. Into the Dark - Melissa Etheridge
2. Beautiful Day - U2
3. On N'a Pas Besoin - Paris Combo
4.Dream - Roy Orbison
5.Somewhere in the Middle - Nine Sky Wonder
6.Free Man in Paris - Joni Mitchell
7. Hymne L'Amour - Edith Piaf
8. There She Goes - The La's
9.Friday, I'm in Love - The Cure
10. Un Simple Histoire - Thievery Corporation