Monday, April 03, 2006

Watching the world go by

It has been a rather crazy past few weeks of travel for me of both the personal and professional kind. Between a major trade show in Las Vegas (of which, I promise, I WILL post my Vegas restaurant reviews) and my annual mother/daughter trip from which I just returned (I took Mom to Paris this year), I have been home for less than one week since the middle of March.

To tide you over until a little bit later, this is a picture of the Cafe La Rotonde on Montparnasse Blvd. It was around the corner from our hotel and we had drinks and dessert here every evening. The people watching was fantastic as well as the creme brulee. Besides, who can resist sitting in the same cafe about which Hemingway said, "Ask any cab driver in Paris to take you to Montparnasse and you will end up at La Rotonde".