Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday Random Musing from a Commute

My mind has been a full, loud and busy place the past few weeks. All these ideas and thoughts flitting and fluttering around my brain. Funny thing though, everytime I have sat down to post an entry, my mind goes still and quiet. My fingers sit poised above the keyboard waiting for the words to spill out. Sigh...

Here is part of what has been clogging my brain:

- I really need to reorganize my kitchen. I think I would be a more productive baker if I had my kitchen in a different state. Right now, my baking pans and ingredients are on one side of the kitchen while my mixing bowls, measuring spoons and stand mixer are on the other. The downside to actually doing this (and thus the main reason I haven't so far) is my cabinets are not in a very conducive arrangement to allow me to put all my baking supplies on one side. It will take many days to move everything and then several weeks to get acquainted with the new location of my baking supplies. Knowing how I do not handle change to my environment very well, I probably will just live with the current arrangement and dream about the day I can have a kitchen I have designed versus one I have adapted.

- I need to bake more for MBH and less for other people. I have been hearing complaints from that front that lately all I ever do is bake goodies for work and friends and there has been a severe drought of morsels specifically for our household. MBH is a picky eater of sweets. He says this comes from the fact that his mother is an awful cook that burns everything including chocolate chip cookies. There may be some truth to this (she REALLY is an awful cook, bless her heart). I am going to endeavor to bake this weekend specifically for MBH.

- I have a backlog of restaurant reviews to post. I have careful notes of all the bistros, cafes, and small family restaurants from my Paris trip to organize and write about. I also have a list of several new places in Boston that MBH and I have tried the last few weeks. I really need to have a week of restaurant review posts. In the same vein, I have a book review or two as well.

- I need to start planting my garden. I received my seeds two weeks ago and have all the containers ready to be filled with soil. The weather has actually been cooperating and is perfect for the greens and onions to be planted. I better get on with this because in the next few weeks the tomato and green pepper plants I ordered will be here and I better have the containers ready for them. MBH will only tolerate having the kitchen table filled with potted plants for so long.

- I am falling behind in my personal reading. I have several new books I have been wanting to curl up with along with a book or two on MBH's reading list that I need to finish. This is my own fault. I have not been very organized on the weekend and wasted time doing things that could wait or that I have procrastinated on finishing or worse, just have been vegging out in front of the boob tube (even though it has been mostly PBS) or been sucked into endless hours of surfing on the internet. I am instituting a new personal rule starting tonight. I will take one hour every night and read. No computer, no outside diversions. Just me, a cup of tea and few biscuits (cookies for my American readers), and a book. Next book on deck to be read: "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. MBH says this book is a must read for me and has placed it on my reading list. He likes for us to share a book or two so we can have a lively discussion on its contents; our own personal bookclub if you will.

I'll have to make sure I bring some home-baked cookies he likes...